Issues - Dee Rosario 4 East Bay Parks


Dee Rosario

It's a new day for our East Bay Regional Parks. You have elected me to serve as the Ward 2 Board Member to bring our Parks forward into the future, opening new facilities to all our communities and the next generation. I have hands-on experience as a Park Supervisor and Firefighter in our Parks, and I have demonstrated leadership in environmental and community organizations across the East Bay.

I want to bring my 37 years of experience as a Park Ranger, Park Supervisor, and Fire Lieutenant to make the Parks the centerpiece of our region. We continue to acquire new land, and I look forward to opening these new parklands to all communities.

I know what it takes to develop and staff the Parks to ensure that they are safe, accessible, and successful. I know we should be planning for droughts and climate change, not merely responding. I have the experience in budgeting and planning that will make our Parks successful for generations to come.

The support of neighbors, concessionaires, and volunteers made for a successful campaign. I intend take this opportunity to use my experience and guide our Parks into a more accessible, sustainable, and democratic future.

The East Bay Regional Park District needs to step into the daylight. Afternoon meetings don’t engage our diverse community and shortchange the Parks’ future by isolating the District from the very people we need to serve most.

  • We have started to work to towards reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides throughout the system. I hope to enhance the use of volunteers under proper supervision, which is a great way to deal with invasive plant species while providing an education and a sense of stewardship.
  • I will work to encourage the Parks to be more creative and more sustainable in the face of our ongoing drought, capturing rainwater for restoration projects, explore grey-water systems, using wind and solar technology, and exploring the use of composting toilets in remote areas.
  • I will work to encourage the Park District to work toward a more diverse workforce. Many people of color do not realize that job opportunities exist in the Parks. The workforce needs to reflect the diversity of the East Bay to encourage employment and the use of the Parks.
  • I look forward to working with the Chief Financial Officer who was recently promoted as the Assistant General Manager of Finance. Together with my colleagues on the Board of Directors, we will continue to work towards transparency and accountability.

I want our Parks to become the centerpiece of our regional environmental, recreational, and sustainable future. It’s a new day and a new era.


Dee and families at a park