Endorsements - Dee Rosario 4 East Bay Parks


(This list of endorsements was for 2016 Campaign. Currently being updated for 2020 re-election campaign)



Dee and Assemblymember Tony ThurmondEndorser Assemblymember Tony Thurmond and Dee Rosario

Dee Rosario and endorser former Assemblymember Nancy Skinner
Dee Rosario and endorser former Assemblymember Nancy Skinner

Sierra Club
Alameda County Democratic Party
Democratic Party of Contra Costa County
Alameda County Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County, AFL-CIO
AFSCME California
AFSCME Council 57
IBEW 595
SEIU 1021
SEIU Dignity CA 2015
Unite Here 2850
UFCW Local 5
Alameda County Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (Alameda Chapter)
Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
Regional Parks Association
EBRPD Retiree Association
Greater Metropolitan Democratic Club
John George Democratic Club
Rossmoor Democratic Club
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay
Evolve California
Oakland Magazine
Green Party of Alameda County

Elected Officials

George Miller, Congressman, CA Congressional District 11, Retired
Loni Hancock, California State Senator, District 9
Rob Bonta, California State Assemblymember, Assembly District 18
Tony Thurmond, California State Assemblymember, Assembly District 15
Nancy Skinner, Former CA State Assemblymember, AD 15; Candidate for CA State Senate District 9
Mary Hayashi, Former CA State Assemblymember, AD 18
Wilma Chan, Alameda County Board of Supervisors, District 3
Nate Miley, Alameda County Board of Supervisors, District 4
Abel Guillen, Oakland City Councilmember, District 2
Craig Cheslog, Contra Costa County Democratic Party, Central Committee
Carolyn Phinney, Contra Costa County Democratic Party, Central Committee
Dennis Waespi, East Bay Regional Park District Board of Supervisors, Ward 3
Doug Siden, East Bay Regional Park District Board of Supervisors, Ward 4
Marguerite Young, East Bay Municipal District Board of Directors, Ward 3
Andy Katz, East Bay Municipal District Board of Directors, Ward 4
Doug Linney, East Bay Municipal District Board of Directors, Ward 5
Jim Oddie, City of Alameda City Councilmember
Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, Peralta Colleges Trustee, Area 4
Julina Bonilla, Peralta Colleges Trustee, Area 7
Jim Prola, San Leandro City Councilmember
Gabriel Quinto, El Cerrito City Councilmember
Mae Torlakson, Chair, Ambrose Recreation and Park District; Candidate for CA State Assembly District 16
Mark Williams, AC Transit Board of Directors, Ward 4
Timothy McGowan, Castro Valley Sanitary District


*Titles for identification purposes only

Wendy Tokuda, News Broadcaster/Environment-Restoration Volunteer
Jerry Kent, Assistant General Manager of Operations, EBRPD, Retired
Thomas Mikkelson, Assistant General Manager Planning and Design-Retired
Judy Belcher, Former Oakland Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Martin Matarrese, Open Space Manager, City of Oakland, Retired
Jim Ryugo, Public Works, City of Oakland, Retired
Sue Piper, Wildfire Prevention Advocate
Janet Cobb, California Wildlife Advocate

Frances Aubrey, Nurse
Americ Azevedo, Professor, Retired
Lourdes Beaty, Realtor
Jim Beaty, Controller, Old Republic
Linda Boyd, Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Joe Britton, Park Supervisor, Retired
Rose Britton, Naturalist
Cheryl Brown, Political Director, AFSCME 57
Sally Cahill, EBRPD Senior Office Assistant, Retired
Hannia Casaw-Barnell, Program Manager
Reginald Barrett, Professor
Nadia Bledsoe, AFSCME Labor Representative
Carol Beck, Marketing, Retired
Harold Borkowski, Attorney
Amelia Marshall, Realtor, Retired
Janice Childs, Park Ranger, Retired
Wendy Clark, Pet groomer
Sara Cleveland, Retired
Michael Coleman, Architect, Retired
Jon Creek, Agriculture
Maureen Crowley, EBRPD Parkland Unit Manager, Retired
Nan Davenport, Web development
Sue Duckles, Professor, Retired
Eleanor Dunn, Veterinarian
Joe Engbeck, Assistant Editor CA State Parks, Retired
Eileen Feldman, Retired
Sue Ferrera, Parks Superintendent
Helena Foster, Retired
Sam Frankel, Teacher, Retired and Chair Berkeley Labor Commission
Howard Egerman, Customer Service Representative
Donald Goodenow, EBRPD Maintenance Manager, Retired
Evelyn Goodwin, Consultant, Retired
Catrina Graham, Dental Hygienist
Tim Gordon, Naturalist-Retired
Donna Mickelson, Retired
Louie Gross, EBRPD, Contract/ Encroachment Supervisor, Retired
Julie Haselden, EBRPD, Resource Analyst, Retired
Percy Honniball, Building Contractor
Bill Imler, Scientist
Laura Inserra, Musician
Richelle Jacobs, Psychotherapist
Barbara Kenney, Retired
Annie Kenny, EBRPD Park Ranger, Retired
Jack Kenny. EBRPD Chief of Operations, Retired
Ann Klein, Retired
Arlene Leonoff, Real estate broker
Dave & Dixie Lindberg, Professor-UCB, Retired
Barry Lozier, Bank Manager
Erwin Lynch, Park Ranger
Kimra McAfee, Executive Director
Scott McAfee, GIS Coordinator
Agnes McKenzie, Registered Nurse
Helen McKinley, Scientist
David Merwin, EBRPD Park Ranger, Retired
Linda Montecillo, Retired
Justin Neville, Park Supervisor
John Norheim, Real Estate
Zack Papachristos, Teacher, Retired
George Popyack, AFSCME Representative
Mark Provda, Physician, Retired
Tom Rankin, Labor representative, Retired
Marv Rodrigues, Biology teacher, Retired
Ces Rosales, Commissioner, Berkeley Health Commission
Helen Rosario, Retired
Robin Rosario, Operations Manager
Davio Santos, EBRPD Unit Manager, Retired
Larry Schaleger, Chemistry Teacher, Retired
Harold Schrauth, Administration, Retired
Heather Segrest, Resource Analyst
Sheryl Seravino, Professional dog walker
Fred Setterberg, Author/Writer
Diane Shavelson, Therapist
Jim Silliman, EBRPD Supervisor, Retired
Brian Smalley, Retired
Clay Smith, Park Ranger
Joan Suzio, EBRPD Supervisor, Retired
Delia Taylor, Biologist
Britt Thorsnes, Park Supervisor
Sharon Cornu Toney, Consultant
John Topeekoff, Cabinet maker
Victor Uno, IBEW-International Labor Representative
Peter Volin, Human Resources, Retired
Cliff Weingus, Attorney
Amelia & Peter Wilson, Retired
Brenda Wood, Labor Representative, Retired
Beth Wurzberg, Scientist, Retired
Glen Van Lehn, Professor, Retired
Dave Yoas, EBRPD Unit Manager, Retired
Walter Yonn, Human Resources, Retired